Thursday, January 3, 2013


My Hairstylist. Mr. Randy Madden.

I have been going to this genius since he was in beauty school. I recommend him to all my friends, Randy Madden is a very very very gifted hair stylist.

∆ If you're looking for originality, he's the guy.
∆ If you're looking for funky, bright, or just natural colors, he's a wizard with a brush & dye. 
∆ If you're looking for something new or something you found on pinterest & want the exact cut! I highly suggest Randy.

My hair is naturally straight & flat, somehow Randy has made it full of volume & life with a hint of hombre. Trust me when I say I am a very lazy person with my hair.... Randy has made it completely easy for me to do. To the point where I can wake up & it's ready. 

which reminds me it's about that time for a trim & dye with Randy ;)

Facebook <---- his fb.
Website <---- his site.
Appointment <---- book an appointment today. 

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