Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey guys!!! 
So a little about this post, the first photo shoot was shot in a beautiful neighborhood in LA. The green you see in the background is a part of this beautiful tree covered in vine. OHMGEE it was an absolutely gorgeous setting. 

The second shot was just on the streets of LA with an adorable blue car. It amazes me how many beautiful little hidden places there are around here. 

And lastly the last photo shoot was shot at the Griffith Observatory. One of my favorite places in LA. If you ever get a chance totally check it out!

Also most of the brands I wrote down are clickable to what I'm wearing in the photos! So it should send you to the website where I bought the item. I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!
More to come soon! Promise!

+ Forever 21 White Tank Top
+ H&M Green Jacket
+ Target Teal Wedge Sandals (On Sale Right Now! & Comes in 3 Colors)

+ Urban Outfitters (on 3rd Street) Baby Blue Long Sleeve Button Up by BDG
+ Urban Outfitter Black High Rise Skinny Twig Jeans by Silence + Noise

Photographer: Don Nocon

Don is an absolutely fantastic photographer, & I feel quite honored to be a part of his art. I look forward to future projects with Don. & highly suggest others to check out his website & see other projects of his. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orange Obsession.

I'M BACK!!! <3 <3 <3
  After a loooooooooooong break, I'd like to say I'm back! I'm sorry for the missing in action act, I had a lot of projects in the month of February. But I promise not to disappear any time soon. :)

So in this post I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite spring dress. I got this number at H&M and my favorite favorite favorite thing about it, is the color! I'm currently obsessed with orange & most likely this color will be returning in future posts. 

This was shot near the Nido down the street actually, it's an amazing spot for a photo shoot. Well I hope you enjoy this post & I apologize again for not posting anything for soooo long!  xoxo

• Orange Dress: H&M ($12.99)
  Some Similar dresses to the one I'm wearing from H&M.

• Knee High Socks: Target, comes with 4 pairs ($8.99)
• Tan Oxnard Heels: Forever 21 ($22.99)
• Black & White Cardigan: Ross ($9.99)
• Floppy Hat: Gift from a friend.




Sunday, January 6, 2013

Men of The Alto Nido

Just a fun spontaneous shoot.


• Gentleman #1: Sir, Bryson Jones Allman


• Gentleman #2: Mr. Sean Parks


 • Gentleman #3: Alexander "Xander" Kinzle


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Night Roof Top Shoot

Featuring Willie Parks....

• Jean Jacket: Goodwill ($4.99)
• Grey Button Shirt: Forever 21 ($12.99)
• Black high waisted pants: BDG Cigarette High Waisted from Urban Outfitters. (On Sale. $10)
• Floral Wedges: Forever21 ($24.99)

Photos by: Nicho


My Hairstylist. Mr. Randy Madden.

I have been going to this genius since he was in beauty school. I recommend him to all my friends, Randy Madden is a very very very gifted hair stylist.

∆ If you're looking for originality, he's the guy.
∆ If you're looking for funky, bright, or just natural colors, he's a wizard with a brush & dye. 
∆ If you're looking for something new or something you found on pinterest & want the exact cut! I highly suggest Randy.

My hair is naturally straight & flat, somehow Randy has made it full of volume & life with a hint of hombre. Trust me when I say I am a very lazy person with my hair.... Randy has made it completely easy for me to do. To the point where I can wake up & it's ready. 

which reminds me it's about that time for a trim & dye with Randy ;)

Facebook <---- his fb.
Website <---- his site.
Appointment <---- book an appointment today. 

Monday, December 31, 2012


Hallways Shot.
Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Here's another one of my favorite shot of the hallway with one of my favorite people, the beautiful Stephanie Imbornone. 

• One Piece Jumpsuit: Charlotte Russe ($29.99)
• Lacy Bra Under-top: Angl ($9.99)
• Shoes: Aldo but bought @ Out of the Closet in WeHo. An amazing thrift shop ($19.99)

Photos by: Nicho
Stylist: Mel Huynh
Model: Stephanie Imbornone